Destroying additives and laboratories for the killing of 27 terrorists and carrying out searches in western areas

The military information cell announced on Saturday the destruction of explosives and laboratories for the killing of 27 more terrorists and carried out searches carried out by the joint forces in the western regions.

A statement of the cell received by "Al-Gharab Press," that "pieces of the leadership of the operations of the island of the 7th Infantry Division and the brigade commandos and the tribal crowd with the support of the air force and air force and the international coalition aircraft launched a wide search on the western areas and three axes."

"The northern axis witnessed the inspection of areas north-west of Lake Haditha (Jteba and Al-Watah) and reach a distance of (25) km, while the areas of the Green Valley and Wadi Gaida and Fahimi were inspected and the distance of (12) km south of it within the western axis, Modern hardware stores ".

"The operation resulted in the killing of more than 27 terrorists and the destruction of 6-wheeled car bombs and 6 additives, in addition to the destruction of a car bomb factory and a factory to manufacture improvised explosive devices," the cell said.

"The operation also resulted in the detonation of (157) explosive devices, and finding weapons and ammunition abandoned by terrorists," adding that "the process lasted for 48 hours."

From time to time, the joint forces carry out raids and searches in the provinces where the elements of a terrorist organization are present, and the number of explosives and explosives factories belonging to the terrorist organization is destroyed, in addition to the killing of dozens of people.