Deputy Mohamed Halbusi governor of Anbar: deal of insurance and reconstruction of the road to Amman - Baghdad did not pass on the provincial council

The Al-Anbar province is witnessing the third of its kind in two years to oust Suhaib Al-Rawi after two failed attempts.
At the same time, the deal of securing and rebuilding the Baghdad-Amman line seems to be one of the kinds of transactions that do not go easily without political agreements.
In this file to the dialogue of a member of the Anbar Provincial Council and former Council President Sabah Karhout

Full text of interview:

[Asharq Al-Awsat] We are talking about the head of events and the removal of Anbar governor Suhaib al-Rawi, talk of the Anbar Provincial Council's request that the governor resign within a month. Is this based on a majority or a minority?

- In fact, today Anbar has become a story since the entry of a call to the day when Anbar liberated from a dodger who has been trying in various ways to heal its wounds as a result of the massive destruction that happened in the province, today there from the Council cast the reason on the governor of Anbar or the federal government or so. Today, there is a need from a section of the members, who say that the portfolios must be changed, as the portfolios can be changed and the projects can be changed. Another tendency is to try to open a page with the Arabs, the European countries and the United States. Reconstruction in Anbar, and this is a reason for the thinner members of the provincial council, and push them to try by various means even if there is a change to the governor. These are the main reasons which calls for members of the Anbar province to change the governor.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Is it reasonable that the matter is limited to idle only, or there are files of corruption, or there are issues related to the existence of the Islamic Party mainly in Anbar, as there is much talk about this subject?
- Today, the main problem is the multiplicity of parties in Anbar province, where the leading parties in Anbar province, which has more than 5 members of the Anbar Provincial Council, are trying by various means to acquire power and control over all the files of the administration and this angers the rest. And we are trying today to fill the province and the members of the provincial council, a project we seek to save Anbar province and save the Anbar people and reconstruction in the province as you know Anbar province poor economic resources, especially financial resources as it has only the border port and border crossings today closed because of threats to organize a call to open roads, and we are trying by all means to open Trebil and newborn ...

* (Interruption) We will discuss this aspect, but are you with the removal of the governor, as you tried over the past year twice, but you did not succeed. Was voted twice on the removal of the governor did not succeed, but that some see the resignation of Sabah Karhout is because of the attempt to remove the governor?

- The removal of the governor today has become necessary for most of the political blocs, especially the block solution, and the bloc to fulfill the leadership of Qassim Fahdawi, and the Dervish bloc led by Sheikh al-Kassanzan allied with Iyad Allawi. There is a need for these blocs to change the administration of the province, especially the senior leadership.
When I was asked to resign I agreed, in return for the governor to resign, to be a new administration to lead the province, but the political blocs did not keep their promises to work together.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] In the sense that the Islamic Party violated its pledge to dismiss the governor last year?
- As we know from the political blocs that they asked me to submit the resignation to be a path for the governor of Anbar to resign, and remove him from office and return as a member of the provincial council, and today when they ask me to resign me there should be papers for applicants, especially the governor of Anbar, or deputy governors, "We have made very big concessions in order to keep Anbar steadfast and to walk in the right direction or direction. We gave the deputy governor's resignation as he submitted his resignation and return to a member of the governorate council, Mr. Jasim al-Asal. I resigned as head of the Anbar Provincial Council, especially those of the We were with my partners did not provide any resignation.
- Today we ask the governor of Anbar to submit his resignation so as not to be a quarrel between the political parties. Al-Anbar today is exhausted and tired, with administrative problems, political and urban problems and the need to heal its wounds because of what has been solved by the terrorist organization.

* There are those who link the attempt to dismiss Nawfal Akab in Mosul with the attempt to dismiss Suhaib Al-Rawi in Anbar, all this coincides with US movements on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and the last we witnessed the bombing of Syrian territory by US aircraft, all these things come simultaneously , do these things are interconnected in your opinion?
- In Anbar we have no correlation with these issues, but today there is a necessary need to change the departments of the province, so that the confidence returned to the Anbar to work with the local government in the province.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Is it true that MP Mohamed Halabousi is the most prominent candidate to succeed Suhaib al-Rawi?
Yes, yes, the political blocs unanimously chose to be governor of Anbar, considering that there is some kind of success or some kind of confidence from Anbar. We in the Anbar Provincial Council will support the strong candidate, including Mohamed Halboussi.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Could you explain the nature of the American presence in Anbar? Is it true that the Americans are planning to build long-term bases in Anbar?

- Yes, there are American bases in Anbar, such as the base of the lion, according to preliminary information, a large number of American soldiers, and at the base of "progress" in Habbaniyah, and on the outskirts of Anbar province, especially in the western areas there ST1 "also on the Syrian border.
"We asked the federal government to have an army and troops to hold the border but to no avail. When we note today that there are US and Iraqi forces, we are with these forces to hold the island areas because the island needs very large security forces and needs Iraqi forces so we can control security.
Shall you get more Alnglglat in Anbar by Daesh come from Syria, ie the wet road and other existing near the Iraqi - Syrian border areas.

* Is it reasonable that the existing security forces are not enough, we have three leaders of operations, Anbar, and the desert island as well as the mobilization of the existing clan, all this is not enough?

- We have asked the government to have two or more teams to hold the 650 km from Trebil to the end of Mosul, and this requires a very large forces, it should be noted that these lands are desert and plains and need a lot of support and control.

* This leads us to the issue of the international highway , which is intended to transmit it to a foreign investment company, specifically the American Ulf company, does this matter with the knowledge of the local government in Anbar and with their consent, or was only in agreement with the federal government?

- We have no knowledge of the subject of the transfer of the port or the fast line to US companies, we support the trend to protect the highway until the opening of the Iraqi border with Jordan and Syria until there is a revival of Anbar, and demanded the federal government for more than once to open the border, Security, so there is a necessary need for US companies security mission.
- True, we have the Iraqi army and we have volunteers in thousands of numbers from the people of Anbar province, we can hold the border and hold ...

* (Interruption) Is it reasonable that there is nothing official and received you regarding the agreement with the company, "Olf" America?

- We did not receive anything except when the express line was transferred to the company "Olf" America, and they informed us for information only, and we as the province of Anbar province ...

* (Interruption) expect that the governor has a science?
- Yes, there is knowledge of the local administration in Anbar province, especially the governor of Anbar and his deputies. They concluded with the federal government this agreement, but the provincial council was the last to know about it.

* This situation pleases you?
- Of course not, because this exceeded the administration of the province, and the Anbar Provincial Council, and we do not accept this subject at all.

* There is talk that Mr. Mohammed Olayan and other figures began to take secondary and sub - projects in the light of the basic project , which is to secure the highway and development, in the sense as if it has nothing to influence the Islamic Party in Anbar.

We are building bridges on the highway, but when there are gaps in the contracting process, there must be opposition, or at least transparency in the process of contracts submitted to US companies, today we demand that there be supervision and control by the Anbar Provincial Council on this If we find, and so far have not reached a contract and I mean the Council of Anbar province, what just reached the flag, a book No. 92 of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers inform us that this file was transferred to an American company and this company will repair bridges destroyed and concrete barrier, The fast line of the fry For Baghdad, and we are with this topic, but you have to have knowledge and knowledge about what is going on the contract, and what are the agreements that occurred with the federal government so that we know Anbar sons and we know the local government on how to deal with these contracts, or these files.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] You will be told that the governor represents you, and the governor has knowledge?

- Council of the province is the legitimate representative of the sons of Anbar province. As a local government, even in the Iraqi constitution, one of the main articles says that if there is disagreement between the local government and the federal government, the choice will be for the provinces or provinces.

So, legally, should you consider and discuss the contract?

- Yes .. There must be approval by the Anbar Provincial Council in the process of concluding these contracts.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] In light of the available information to this point, do you expect there to be suspicions of corruption in these contracts, especially since we have similar cases in Anbar?

- We have an investigation, and when there are convictions on this subject we will know the public opinion, and we will inform the media about what is going on these contracts.

* Last point, what delay release it from Rawa and Qaim?
- There is a concern among the people of Anbar that the remaining three districts in Anbar province has not been liberated, certainly we are with the liberation of the city of Mosul, and with the liberation of all other Iraqi provinces, but there must be salvation from the organization of a call so as not to be gaps by the organization calling in the province Anbar province, we are today in front of a change in Anbar province, either to give confidence to the people of Anbar that the security forces Anbar handcuffed completely from the border to the heart of the province, and we are working with the tribes to work with all the strength with the security forces so there are no gaps for the organization in the province of Anbar province.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] But there have been violations in the cities of Anbar, like Falluja in the recent period, if the road is secured by the Iraqi and US forces.

- We are afraid that there will be new terrorist operations in Anbar province and the liberated provinces, as there are sleeper cells, and we need a strong intelligence effort, and we need a major security effort, we need to have a process of reconstruction in the province until we prove to the citizen that the federal government supported us In all directions, we, the sons of Anbar, will stand firmly against the terrorist organizations.

* But where sleeper cells came after a security audit conducted by what was known at the time of Computerized, Is this like corruption do you think ?, Do you like some kind of bugs have been passed to terrorist names within the province?

- Why does someone go to terrorist organizations? When a citizen feels desperate when Ibn Anbar feels that his house is destroyed, there are no services, there is no security, there is no such thing. There is a lack of confidence in the local government and the federal government, which leads him to go to the terrorist organizations to give him some money.
- Terrorist organizations, Wadash tries to lure the youth of Anbar by all means, through drugs and s ...

* (Boycotted) in this case to confirm that the audit process was not wrong?

No, of course, it was very disciplined, there could be a 5-10 percent breach. These things are simple, but today we fear the sons of Anbar should there be new organizations outside the clique that are trying to control the reins of government in Anbar province, especially in regions and cities. In which the organization was hospitable.