Parliamentary elections law is ready to vote

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Date Posted 16/06/2017 06:22 AM

Mashreq - News Section:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's parliamentary election law is ready to vote and the vote on it is postponed until after the legislative holiday, the legal committee of the Iraqi parliament confirmed on Wednesday. "The Legal Committee finalized the final texts of the proposals submitted by the various political blocs and members of the House of Representatives and completed the formulations and sent to the presidency of the Council and was supposed to be on the agenda to vote, as this law is ready to vote."

"I think that the Kurdish blocs are the ones that requested postponement until reaching a compromise solutions to the paragraphs contained in the points related to the Kirkuk provincial elections." "We sat with the Speaker of the House of Representatives and his deputy to reach consensus solutions and presented some views. The discussions were supposed to be completed at the request of the Kurdish and Arab brothers."

He added that "there were proposals from some of the blocks around him and the Legal Committee suggested that the chronology of the laws be adopted and that these laws be read and left to the members of the House of Representatives to choose the best law for the elections."