Abadi's Visit to Saudi Arabia Postponed

Officials from Saudi Arabia and Iraq on expressed conflicting accounts over the postponed proposed visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister to Saudi Arabia as the Gulf diplomatic crisis drags on.

Saudi diplomatic sources told DPA news agency on Thursday that the visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, to Saudi Arabia, which was supposed to take place on Wednesday, was postponed as per request of the Iraqi officials due to internal reasons.

The visit to Saudi Arabia by Abadi is just one part of the Iraqi Prime Minister's Gulf tour, which will also take place in Kuwait and Iran.

However, Abadi said on Tuesday that his country opposed the recent boycott of his Gulf neighbour Qatar, which has been led by Saudi Arabia since last week. The boycott and the ongoing situation in the region in regards to fighting against terrorism are the main reasons for the Iraqi PM's visits. The date for his visit to Saudi Arabia has not been confirmed to this moment.