Finance Minister calls for Japanese companies to invest in the country
On: Wed, 10/27/2011 6:12

Baghdad / follow-up term Economic
called on Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi to the participation of Japanese companies in investment projects in the country and the mechanism for implementation of investment projects.
He said during his meeting with the Director of the Economic Department in the Japanese government to the economic officials of Japanese on the need for the participation of Japanese companies in investment projects are hurt in the development and recovery in the economic sector of the country and benefit from the ideas and plans of the Japanese side.

He called on al-Issawi said in a statement carried by the independent press (Iba) Japanese companies that will work in Iraq to submit their offers and bids and the emphasis on providing the best services have also been discussing the question of the payment mechanism for the Japanese companies which will implement the investment projects .. The statement quoted the delegation's desire to work in Iraq and participate in the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the country by providing the best investment plans and expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi side in order to develop economic relations between the two countries.