Grant for the development of Iraqi ports

15/06/2017 - 18:19

Economy News _ Baghdad:

The Ministry of Transport announced Thursday that it has received a grant from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the rehabilitation and development of ports in the country.

The Director of Media Iraqi Ports Company of the Ministry, Nimr Abdel-Moneim net in a press statement received by "Economy News", "The company is in receipt of a grant by the United Nations (UNICTAD) of the United Nations, to develop the reality of ports in the country, Lists the needs and requirements of all ports, in addition to the requirements of the Institute of ports of equipment and training devices, noting that the Institute continues to establish training courses to develop the capabilities of the staff working in this area.

He added that the company is working within the framework of an expanded plan to develop and qualify all ports in the country in order to raise the financial revenues of the company in particular and the treasury of the state in general, pointing out at the same time that it intends to establish a container terminal at the port of Faw after the arrival of the project of the Caspian East and West stages Advanced achievement ".

Al-Safi pointed out that "the company has implemented several projects during the past period, contributed to improving the financial reality, including projects, the establishment of new berths and improve the depth drilling to allow the entry of giant vessels to increase the movement of trade."

He explained that "ports are at the time besieging an important commercial center in the transport of goods, especially as the country enjoys an important strategic position, which contributes to the increase of ports, which is becoming an important economic resource for the country and provide job opportunities for the unemployed.

The province of Basra has a number of ports, Umm Qasr, Khor al-Zubayr and Abu Flus, and the stronghold, while work is underway on the completion of the port of Faw to be one of the largest ports in the region.

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