Who is "Maher Hammad Johan" who is responsible for the functions of Undersecretary of Finance?

Date of release: 2017/6/14 21:08 194 times read

The Ministry of Planning Undersecretary, Maher Hammad Johan, has appointed Minister of Finance, Haidar Abadi, as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, in structuring and privatizing the public sector. He has a distinct skill in project management (preparation, budgeting, planning and participation in design, implementation, guidance, monitoring and evaluation).

He is an author and evaluator of integrated feasibility studies with expertise in industrial cost management, construction of evaluation and pricing systems, total quality management systems, effective marketing management, risk and crisis management, knowledge of the general economy and the Department of Human Development, special skill in contract management, negotiation and arbitration. Working teams with adaptability, flexibility in handling, learning and development and in full alignment with English.

Degrees and professional affiliations:

He has a number of degrees, including: PhD in Civil Engineering / Project Management / University of Baghdad 2013, Master Degree - Construction Projects Management - University of Technology 2003, Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering - University of Baghdad 1990, 1990 degree (consultant) since 2010.


The Ministry of Planning has been entrusted with the duties of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning for technical affairs and supervising the technical and sectoral departments in the ministry, such as economic policies, human development, international cooperation, regional and local development, sector planning and government investment, Supreme Commission for Sustainable Development and a set of internal and external committees.

The Deputy Director of the Sector Planning Department {2015 to October of the year} also charged the management of investment sectors (industrial, agricultural, transportation, buildings and services), field follow-up activities and feasibility studies, as well as a set of internal and external committees.

He also served as Assistant Director General of the Department of Sector Planning (2014) General Supervision, Head of the Follow-up and Coordination Section (Follow-up of the Government Investment Plan in Iraq) and the follow-up plan for projects carried out by all ministries and in all governorates.

From 2008 to 2012 - Ministry of Industry and Minerals - General Brotherhood Company.

The resident engineer and participates in the preparation of studies and designs to the administrative and service buildings for the production of gas cylinders, buildings and facilities for a power plant (15) megawatts, and contributes to the preparation of studies and details of the project of prefabricated buildings for two hundred housing units with implementation.

2007 to 2008 Consultant in Relief and International Development Branch Habbaniyah Branch - Baiji Branch Community Stability Program, as well as consultant and head of the projects department Basic services and infrastructure and a coach and a contributor to the preparation of architectural and construction designs and health and responsible for the preparation and development of projects and financial budgets and implementation and follow-up { Water, rehabilitation and restoration of buildings.

Informed sources revealed Monday, Cliff technical agent of the Ministry of Planning functions of the Ministry of Finance.

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister approved on May 31 last, the request of the Minister of Finance Agency, Abdul Razzaq al-Issa (Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research), removing him from his position as Minister of Finance Agency, according to what was announced by Al-Issa.