Iraqi Minister says no deaths by food poisoning in Mosul refugee camp

The Ministry of Migration and Displacement has denied news on death cases among the displaced residents who were poisoned in a refugee camp in east of Mosul.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Minister Jassem Mohamed al-Jaff said, “no death cases occurred due to the poisoning in Hasansham camp,” denying news that two civilians died due to an eating an iftar meal offered by a charity organization.

“Number of the displaced from western Mosul reached up to 690,000 civilians, which pressures the ministry to provide services,” Jaff added.

This comes after Health Ministry said on Tuesday that a woman and child died, while 750 others fell ill after sustaining food poisoning in Hasansham camp located in al-Khazer region, on the road between Erbil and Mosul.

News reports later mentioned that a Qatari charity organization was providing the meal that caused the poisoning. Number of aid workers for the charity were arrested over suspicions of providing invalid meals.
Director of the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights Mostafa Saadoun named the organization as Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF). However, no comments were made by the organization.

Refugees at government and U.N. camps, as well as at IS-held regions have been suffering food and medicine shortages. Dozens of death cases have been regularly reported due to the difficulties.

The eastern side of Mosul was retaken in January. Another offensive was launched in February to recapture the western flank of the city. Militants are besieged inside the Old City, their last enclave in the western side of the city.