Ports sign contract with Toyota for equipment processing

Minister of Transport Kazem Vajan Al-Yamami said on Monday that the General Company for Iraqi Ports has concluded a contract with Toyota Japan, which includes processing ground equipment, indicating that the Iraqi ports ranked first among the Iraqi companies that benefited from the Japanese loan projects.

Al-Hamami said in a statement that "the Iraqi Ports General Company has concluded a contract with the Japanese company Toyota, which includes ground equipment." The contract was signed by the Iraqi ports director, Riyad Sawadi, and Toyota Kawashima.

"The signing of this contract comes within the second phase of the Japanese loan projects, where the company invested the first phase of the loan projects in the best way," pointing out that "the Iraqi ports ranked first among the Iraqi companies that benefited from the Japanese loan projects, Its people to grant a second loan from the loan projects for the reconstruction of Iraqi ports for the second phase.

Includes Basra province, five commercial ports oldest port near the stronghold of the city center, and other ports is the port of Umm Qasr, which established in 1965, and the Ministry of Transport announced in 2010 split into the south and north of the two ports each with its own management, usually receives ships loaded materials imported for the account of the Ministry of Commerce, as witnessed in 1989, the completion of construction of the port of Khor Al-Zubair, which is the second generation ports project, and in 1976 was created Abu Flus port on the West Bank of the Shatt al-Arab within the district of Abu Fertile, while being slow implementation of preliminary projects for the construction of the port great FAO, which is expected to be about Accomplished one of the largest commercial ports in the region.