The organization accuses a Qatari organization of being behind the poisoning of hundreds of displaced people in Nineveh
A source at the U2 camp for displaced people in Nineveh province accused a Qatari organization of being behind the poisoning of hundreds of displaced people, indicating that the number of people who were poisoned in the camp has risen to 900, including children and women in critical condition.

The source told Al-Gharab Press that the poisoning was due to the provision of a breakfast by the Qatar-based RAF organization for the displaced, including rice, gravy and chicken prepared in a restaurant.

He added that "dozens of medical personnel went from Erbil to the camp and are in a state of alert to remedy the situation and provide treatment for the injured."

For its part, the World Organization for Human Rights announced the case of mass poisoning in the camp of Khazar, indicating that the situation of hundreds of displaced people at risk from poisoning, the Ministry of Health to investigate the party that provided food and drink.

"My message to some corrupt organizations is Ramadan, they offer rotten food, where is the censorship, where is the corrupt material, where is the default, the official of the Qatari Raf organization, and the restaurant that provided meals to the displaced," the World Health Organization's information office said in a statement.

A local source in Ninewa province told the Al-Ghad Press newspaper on Monday that some 600 displaced persons were poisoned in a camp for the displaced in the east of the province as a result of taking a contaminated breakfast distributed by a relief organization.

The U2 camp is one of the camps set up by international organizations near Al-Khazar camp east of Nineveh province and contains hundreds of displaced people from Nineveh province.