Diyala police chief calls for caution and tightened security to curb breaches in the province
Diyala police chief, Major General Jassem Hussein al-Saadi, on Monday called on the security forces in the province to be vigilant and tighten security measures to curb the violations committed by the Daash organization.

"The Diyala police chief, Major General Jasim Hussein al-Saadi, conducted a field patrol in the Muqdadiya district, where he inspected the deployment of the security forces responsible for implementing the holy month of Ramadan," the command said in a statement.

The commander of the police met with "Order of the Fifth Diyala Emergency Regiment and the officers and associates", stressing the need to "take utmost precautionary measures and careful inspection of suspicious persons and wheels in order to spare the opportunity for terrorists to tamper with security."