British Ambassador to the anniversary of the fall of Mosul: Iraq's victories restored the national pride of the armed forces
The British ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker, praised Sunday the professionalism and courage of the Iraqi armed forces, noting that their successes against Da'ash restored national pride.

In a statement, Baker said in a statement that "yesterday was the anniversary of the end of three years since he brought the preacher of suffering and violence to the people of Mosul, and today the so-called succession is about to collapse."

"Iraqi security forces have recaptured most of the city and are now in the process of restoring control and security," he said. "Iraqi forces have shown skill, courage and determination to expel an outsider while protecting civilians at the same time."

"We recognize their professionalism, courage and great sacrifice, and have re-established their successes against the national pride of the armed forces," he said.

"We must be realistic about the challenges ahead, including the liberation of areas controlled by all-out and humanitarian aid, and the re-establishment of government and services," he said.

"The horrific attacks in Baghdad, London and Manchester are a tragic reminder of how indiscriminate terror strikes against our societies and targeting the most vulnerable," he said.

"As a strong ally and a strong partner in the international coalition, the United Kingdom will always stand side by side with Iraq and its people to defeat international terrorism, achieve stability and promote development," he said.

The third anniversary of the fall of Nineveh province and other areas followed by a hasty organization, followed by large international and local variables, including the formation of the International Coalition to Fight the Organization led by America, as well as a quadripartite alliance led by Russia and Najaf reference declaration for the efficient Jihad, Popular crowd forces.