Abbas al-Bayati: Parties that have military wings can not enter the elections except ..
A member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Abbas al-Bayati, said Saturday that no political party with a military wing can participate in the elections, but pointed out that part of the popular crowd can participate in the elections.

"According to the new parties law, no political party can participate in the elections and it has a military wing," al-Bayati told Al-Ghad. "The parties law forbade political parties to have military wings and prevent the security forces from participating in the elections."

"The popular crowd is of two kinds, the first is a group of party volunteers, the other is a security force," he said.

Al-Bayati said that "the security force can not participate in the elections," adding that "the political parties that volunteered after the completion of the call for separation and return to political action, because they are volunteers."

Al-Bayati said that "the popular crowd can not enter the elections in his name, because the popular crowd is a military title and not a political, and became a military force under the prime minister and has a law of its own."

He added that "the parties involved in the popular mobilization of Kubdir, Al-Asa'ib and others are political titles, but they have volunteers to fight and after the elimination of the terrorist organization, they are separated from the military address and remain their political address."