Arab Petroleum Company raises the flag of Iraq

Date 09/06/2017 - 18:16

Economy News _ Baghdad:

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said that the ministry will not have a losing company after the end of 2017 through the plans and programs developed by the ministry to develop the work of these companies, including the Iraqi oil tankers, which took place on Thursday, a partnership with the Arab Maritime Transport Company.

"The contract will work to develop and develop the work of the Iraqi tanker company, and the contract will return Iraq to the ranks of the leading countries in the field of maritime transport of oil and gas and other products," Al-Allaibi said in a statement to the ministry.

"The contract comes within the series of measures taken by the ministry to promote national companies and develop them and raise them to the ranks of international companies in order to achieve the economic objectives."

For his part, Commercial Director of the Arab Maritime Transport Company Yassin al-Sayyad said that "the cooperation with the Iraqi tanker company through the contract of participation that was signed today will meet the Iraqi marketing activities and will work to develop and qualify Iraqi cadres. In addition, Access to the oil market and the sale and transportation of oil and petroleum products and liquid gas and in the future there will be operations to transport crude oil. "

For his part, Director General of the Iraqi oil tanker Hussein Allawi, said that "the contract will provide flexibility for Iraqi exports and will strengthen Iraq's international status in the field of oil transport and we have plans to develop the work of the company through the purchase of two additional carriers, adding that Iraq currently has 4 carriers are providing International fuel tankers. "

"According to the contract, the Arab company will raise the Iraqi flag on the tankers, which will return Iraq in the field of transporting sea oil and the international market," he said.

For his part, Deputy Director General of the Legal Department Emad Alallak said that "the contract was signed after obtaining the approval of the Council of Ministers and the ratio of Iraq 22.5% of the contract without payment of any amounts, and that the contract met all legal requirements."

For his part, the official spokesman of the ministry Assem Jihad that "the contract will secure the entry of Iraq once again to the field of marketing and maritime transport of oil and will open the field for the rehabilitation of Iraqi cadres where will be the development of the performance of 700 Iraqi students on meals at the rate of 100 students in each training session.

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