Dozens of IS militants killed in army airstrikes, west of Mosul

Iraqi army jets have killed dozens of Islamic State militants in an airstrike launched northwest of Qairawan, in west of Mosul.

A statement by the War Media Cell on Friday said, “army jets launched several airstrikes destroying two tunnels, five guns and two motorbikes used by the militants.”

“Dozens of terrorists were killed due to the strikes in Tal al-Qasab, northwest of Qairawan,” the statement added.

Qairawan region, a main Islamic State bastion in west of Mosul which links between Tal Afar town and the Syrian borders, was liberated in late May after an offensive was launched by the paramilitary troops of al-Hashd al-Shaabi on May 12.

A second phase of operations was then launched to complete the liberation of villages in the vicinity of Qairawan ahead of advancing toward the city of Baaj, which was freed earlier this month.

While major offensives take place in Mosul by Iraqi troops, backed by U.S.-led coalition, other offensives are launched by the paramilitary troops of al-Hashd al-Shaabi to liberate neighboring regions in Nineveh province.

The eastern side of Mosul was freed in January after three months of operations. Another major offensives were launched in February to liberate the western side.