IS Again Uses Chemical Weapons on Civilians in Mosul

The so-called Islamic State (IS) used chemical weapons in the Iraqi city of Mosul for a ninth time on Thursday, a local source said.

Chlorine-filled bombs were fired at civilians who tried leaving the areas controlled by the extremist group.

According to a local source, who spoke to Sputnik on Thursday, the attack killed 13 civilians in the area of al-Zanjali, in the western part Mosul.

The victims were mostly women and children, the source added.
He further explained that the Iraqi forces are currently fighting the IS militants in the area, whereas all civilians are trapped, without an option to escape, as the extremists are using them as human shields.

The United Nations (UN) said in a statement on Thursday that more than 231 Iraqi civilians have been killed by IS, after trying to escape western Mosul since May 26, with at least 204 killed just in three days last week.

The Iraqi forces backed by the US-led coalition have been fighting the IS militants in Mosul, as part of an operation to liberate the city, which started in October, of last year.