"Most Dangerous" IS Female Sniper Killed in Mosul

Iraqi security forces on Thursday gunned down a Libyan female sniper at the ranks of the Islamic State (IS) organization west of Mosul, according to Russian Sputnik news.

The report cited a security official saying the troops from the Ninth Division of the Iraqi army and the Federal Police killed the "most dangerous IS female sniper".

The Libyan national, referred to only by her first name, Maria, was killed in one of the building of the besieged al-Zanjili neighborhood where she had hidden herself.

The eliminated IS member is responsible for killing hundreds of residents who attempted to flee the war at Zanjili neighborhood, according to the report.

As the IS militants fight fiercely to reserve Zanjili, their last stronghold in Mosul's Old City, more and more civilians are shot down while trying to escape the area. The jihadists have so far used the civilians as human shields.