Barzani hails Kurdistan referendum, plans for good ties with Baghdad

Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani has described Wednesday's meeting with political parties that specified September for the region's referendum on independence as a historic achievement for the people of Kurdistan.

In a handwritten letter posted on Barzani's official Facebook page, he said, "The meeting on 7-6-2017 was historic, important and valuable for the people of Kurdistan and the sacrifices of the martyrs".

"It was great pride for all parties that participated in the meeting and issued a historic decision so that the people of Kurdistan can make the world hear their voices through the referendum," Barzani said.

He added "We want to have the best relations with Baghdad and neighboring countries".

"Thanks to God and the Peshmerga and the free masses in Kurdistan and thanks to the parties that have expressed a national and historic position through their sense of responsibility," he said, hoping the step will become a reason for national unity and harmony among the political parties.