Iraqi gov't has to make human rights issue 'top priority' US envoy

US Special Presidential Envoy for the International Coalition to Counter ISIS Brett McGurk urged on Thursday the Iraqi government to make human rights issue a top priority.

As he spoke to the media, McGurk said that the coalition will work with the Iraqi security forces to rescue besieged civilians in Mosul city as well as restoring stability to the city and returning residents to their districts.

Ongoing fighting in Mosul is in its final stages, he noted, adding that ISIS will not be expelled from Iraq easily.

He stated, however, that the US-led coalition coordinated with the Iraqi forces to put pressure on the terrorist group and put an end to it.

ISIS lost 55,000 square kilometers of districts that were under its control, he said, adding that the international community's duty is to stop terrorists' inflow to Iraq.

Iraqi forces have been battling to liberate western Mosul from the hands of the extremist group, as part of an overall offensive in the northern city which began last October.

It is estimated that there are a few of ISIS terrorists left in Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq. It is expected that they will desperately defend the last pocket of the city that has been once their main stronghold in Iraq.