Integrity announces suspension of waste of more than four billion dinars contract Basra with a civil company

Bertha News Agency 28 2017-06-07

The Integrity Commission announced on Wednesday that it had stopped wasting more than 4 billion dinars by thwarting an attempt to pass a contract between Basra province and a private company.

The Authority said in a statement that "the Directorate of Investigation Commission in the province seized the deposit of the contract between the Office of the province and one of the private companies for the purpose of processing the province with ambulances and mechanisms belonging to Basra International Airport, to include suspicions of corruption and waste of public money.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the transfer of the contract to the company was in the amount of (4,934,000,000) million dirhams, Billion dinars, a difference of (4,184,000,000) billion dinars between the amount of guesswork and the amount of referral.

"In a related context, the Directorate seized a group of people in the port of Umm Qasr North, and they are providing collusion with a number of staff of the port to put original paintings on cars to the port, in order to smuggle without payment of fees, while the Directorate drew on a car found Within them (Senawiyat) and fundamentalist paintings. "

The Commission explained that "the two control teams of the Directorate organized two fundamental documents of the seized materials in the two operations, which were presented to the competent investigating judge, in order to take the appropriate decision on them."