Exclusive: Map reveals latest developments in Mosul battle

An updated version of Mosul's map showing the latest developments in the battle to oust ISIS from occupied districts in the city's right bank has been obtained by The Baghdad Post on Wednesday.

At least 1,414 ISIS terrorists were killed since the beginning of the military operation to retake Mosul's right bank from ISIS terrorists, Commander of Iraqi Federal Police Lieutenant-General Raed Shakir Jawdat announced on Wednesday.

Iraqi Federal Police Forces have killed seven terrorists in an attack on ISIS defenses in southern Old City, located in Mosul city, Nineveh Governorate, informed sources revealed on Monday.

The Federal Police have recently announced that 65 percent of al-Zanjili district, located in Mosul's right bank has been recaptured from ISIS terrorists.

Moreover, reports have revealed that at least 6,000 civilians were forced out from their homes because of the ongoing fighting in the district.