Rafidain obliges the borrower to make life insurance at the National Insurance Company

Views Date 07/06/2017 - 17:25

Economy News BAGHDAD,

Keep up bank Rafidain, Wednesday, Borrower Procedure insurance On Life I have a company Insurance National, Stressing On Borrower use Loan For purpose Grantee To him .

And he said bank Al-Rafidain at Declaration Journalist Received " economy News " version from him,, " Who Conditions Grant Loans Of citizens Which Amounting to 50 million Dinar For purposes Building that Being insurance On His life I have a company Insurance National Favor The bank And proves that at a necklace Loan Under Directions Reporting From Administration the public For the bank, addition to me group a necklace Special between The bank And the citizen Under a necklace Loan It is done Completion draw a stamp According to Controls " He said.

He added the desk He " no Permissible Transfer ownership Real Estate or Procedure Verse Actions Legal Except distance Payback all Commitments towards The bank or Access Approval On " He said That 's on Borrower use Loan For purpose Grantee From His body In status Its failure So Considered Loan Worthy Performance ".

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