Ministry of Finance confirms the continuation of appointments in the State Departments within the budget of 2017

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The Ministry of Finance, on Tuesday, the continuation of appointments in the departments of the state, which has the degrees of employment or allocated within the budget in 2017, noting the existence of "flexibility" in the budget.

"The federal budget for the year 2017 did not refer to the suspension of grades, because the country is moving towards variables, and there are retired employees and others are replacing, in addition to the cases of death and leave, so it is necessary to appoint Renew and replace them. "

"There are institutions that need staff such as judges, doctors, armed forces, teachers and teachers," he said, denying "a decision to stop appointments."

The source pointed to "the existence of flexibility in the budget, and this flexibility in which certain powers, dealing with reality through the financial situation, and the better the financial situation there are variables in the controls and instructions issued by the State on this file."

The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed last year that the grades in the draft budget law for the year 2017 included four ministries, while the budget was considered to be similar to the budget of 2016.