BGG says(7:29 PM):
Hey gang - how is everyone??
Baxter1243 says(7:29 PM):
Evening Everyone....
bubbles says(7:29 PM):
Great. you?
subgirl says(7:29 PM):
GOOD! Thanks BGG
Gman says(7:29 PM):
Itsme says(7:29 PM):
JETSET says to BGG(7:30 PM):
good evening!
caravaggio says(7:30 PM):
Hola, BGG
BGG says to JETSET(7:30 PM):
Hola Jet!!
Okie Dinar says to BGG(7:30 PM):
Good Evening
BGG says to Okie Dinar(7:31 PM):
JR67 says(7:31 PM):
Prayers for the room for great health and many blessing!!!!
Okie Dinar says to JR67(7:31 PM):
(y) TY!
JR67 says(7:31 PM):
BGG says(7:32 PM):
Ok - I guess we better get at it - what say you all??
Okie Dinar says to BGG(7:33 PM):
JR67 says(7:33 PM):
BGG says(7:33 PM):
aite den
JETSET says(7:33 PM):
BGG says(7:34 PM):
Mrs BGG - would you get things kicked off??
Mrs BGG says(7:34 PM):
Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You by the Blood of Jesus! Thank You for Your unfailing love, mercy, & forgivenss. Thank YOu Holy Spirit for Your fruit, love, joy, & peace. Thank you for leading and guiding us. Holy Spirit have Your way with us. Thank You that You are our Healer. We lift up Kaleigh Okie Dinar and ask You to touch her and for complete healing. We stand on Your Word, "By His Stripes we were healed". Thank You Lord. We love You Lord & trust You. Thank You for everyone who serves and helps on this site. Thank You for Mr. BGG's leadership and for Pat who heads up the Facebook side. WE pray that You will continue to give them wisdom. We pray for everyone here and their families that YOu will bless them & keep them, and cause Your Face to shine upon them. We give You all the Glory, HOnor, & Praise , In Jesus Name, Amen.
BGG says(7:34 PM):
Baxter1243 says(7:34 PM):
Okie Dinar says(7:34 PM):
Amen!! Thank you!!
Wilson6060 says(7:34 PM):
JR67 says(7:34 PM):
morris says(7:34 PM):
john09 says(7:34 PM):
dale says(7:34 PM):
subgirl says(7:34 PM):
bubbles says(7:34 PM):
dcook2 says(7:35 PM):
Gman says(7:35 PM):
Amen and so be it !
wiley says(7:35 PM):
sassy says(7:35 PM):
pacella says(7:35 PM):
tycho says(7:35 PM):

Mrs BGG says(7:35 PM):
Welcome everyone to News Time!! We're glad that you are here. For anyone who is news, and just a reminder to those who have been here before, if you have a questions or comment, please use a ? And we ask you to wait until the Q & A time. Thank you for your patience & understanding
Mrs BGG says(7:36 PM):
Sit back, relax, & enjoy

BGG says(7:38 PM):
Ok gang - where do we wanna' go tonite??

BGG says(7:38 PM):

How about some Q & A??

BGG says(7:38 PM):

I been a little off my game trying to get better... but good news from the cardiologist today...

BGG says(7:39 PM):

he says... "You'll live" - can I go now?

pacella says(7:39 PM):


dale says(7:39 PM):

BGG (y)

BGG says(7:40 PM):

seriously - my recent trip to the ER wasn't a cardiac episode - not sure yet, but heart is good.

BGG says(7:41 PM):

had all the earmarks and may even have been some cardiac distress - but it was another issue. I'm on a GERD diet until I see another specialist.

BGG says(7:41 PM):

Thank to everyone who was concerned.

BGG says(7:42 PM):
(obviously - Low Carb - GERD )

BGG says(7:42 PM):

OK - what's on everyone's mind??

BGG says(7:42 PM):

Q & A - let's go.

Martha Sue says to BGG(7:42 PM):

Praise the Lord you got a great report!

BGG says to Martha Sue(7:43 PM):

Very good report.

Martha Sue says to BGG(7:43 PM):

Best news I've heard all day! Awesome

BGG says to Martha Sue(7:43 PM):

Thank you friend...

caravaggio says(7:44 PM):


Mrs BGG says to caravaggio(7:44 PM):


caravaggio says(7:44 PM):


Martha Sue says to BGG(7:44 PM):

sorry to interrupt ... but couldn't help myself!

BGG says to caravaggio(7:44 PM):

That is the story - isn't it?

BGG says to caravaggio(7:46 PM):
I have no prediction... I think they are close. As I have said all along - this is war. This is the end - it may not go easy.

I am very interested to see what the News Cycles look like right after Mosul - for that first week or two... this will tell us what's what...

BGG says to caravaggio(7:47 PM):

Thanks for the question.

Coco1 says(7:48 PM):


caravaggio says(7:48 PM):

Welcome. The map does not seem to have changed for a while, and last I saw, there was still about 5 sq. kilometers left. That can be tough when going house to house.

Mrs BGG says to Coco1(7:48 PM):


BGG says(7:49 PM):

Ok - we'll get back to coco1 in a minute

BGG says(7:50 PM):

I am kind of curious about what you all think about the Finance Minister resigning... Abadi is the Finance Minister "by proxy"... How does that strike you??

pacella says(7:50 PM):

that works for me,

BGG says(7:51 PM):

I'm just curious - what say you all??

coco1 says(7:51 PM):

apologies, other flas chat on Safari not working as well.

Horsegal says(7:52 PM):


watchman42 says(7:52 PM):

Its a good thing

pacella says(7:52 PM):


dale says(7:52 PM):


coco1 says(7:52 PM):


reynoldse2 says(7:52 PM):

I think it at least means there will be less nonsense. Abadi is a straight player

Mrs BGG says to Horsegal(7:52 PM):


Martha Sue says to BGG(7:52 PM):

I like it!

BGG says to coco1(7:52 PM):

OK - go ahead... we'll get back to my question in a minute.

Horsegal says(7:53 PM):

Do you think he didn't want to rV, so it's a good thing that Abadi took over?

pacella says(7:53 PM):

wasn't Abadi fin. mins. before he became PM under Maliki

hunter59 says(7:54 PM):

Maybe he has a plan that doesn't agree with FM

BGG says to Horsegal(7:54 PM):

There is some infighting. That is not a completely crazy way to look at it.

coco1 says(7:54 PM):

what are your thoughts on that article, Abadi saying Iraquis have united in the fight against terrorism and succeeded

BGG says to pacella(7:54 PM):

Finance committee - not Finance Minister.

Mrs BGG says(7:54 PM):

Please wait until we say go, after you put your ? thank you

pacella says(7:54 PM):

ok new it was something in that department

BGG says to coco1(7:55 PM):

Ok - He is very forward looking in his statements lately.

BGG says to coco1(7:55 PM):

Good - I would say.

Mrs BGG says to dale(7:55 PM):

BGG says to hunter59(7:56 PM):

dale says(8:00 PM):

BGG : I saw the article in the Forum where "Accurate reports confirm 57 percent of cash made from Iraqi oil sector has been transferred outside of Iraq. We know of Maliki's ties to Iran and the corruption in general that they've been battling ..... Iran fighters in the ISIS battle also ....... I'm curious what you think about which way Iraq will lean towards the US or Iran in the end and how much of that 57 percent may be going Iran's way.

BGG says(8:02 PM):

They are just complaining about the international oil companies. Iraq will go our way. No doubt.

dale says(8:02 PM):

Thought so

Mrs BGG says(8:03 PM):

Are there any other questions or comments?

dale says(8:03 PM):

I understand also.

Okie Dinar says(8:03 PM):


Mrs BGG says to Okie Dinar(8:03 PM):


Okie Dinar says(8:03 PM):

What are your thoughts about Abadi being the proxy Finance Minister?

BGG says(8:04 PM):

I'm not sure what to think about that - my first reaction, is that it is a good thing. I may have to study the situation more though.

Okie Dinar says(8:05 PM):

Great - TY

BGG says(8:06 PM):
Great find in the forum Okie - this last article...

BGG says(8:06 PM):

IMF Team Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Second Review of Stand-By Arrangement with

"...with Iraq..."

BGG says(8:09 PM):

Long, extensive read - what I will say, Iraq and the IMF being in any kind of agreement is a VASTLY different posture than they have both maintained in years gone by.

coco1 says(8:10 PM):


BGG says(8:10 PM):

Go ahead coco1

coco1 says(8:11 PM):

I've been looking for an updated map without any luck. is it just down to the old section of Mosul now?

BGG says(8:13 PM):

Not impossible there is no such thing?

BGG says(8:14 PM):

It is down to a very small area...

coco1 says(8:15 PM):

last i heard was about 6 sq kilometers in the old area, where you cannot get vehicles through.
that approx 3.5 sq. miles

BGG says(8:17 PM):
The above is about what I heard a couple of days ago - tough going.

coco1 says(8:19 PM):

yep, that's the one they have posted since late last week. really must be tough going.

BGG says(8:19 PM):

It is the end - of course it will be tough.

BGG says(8:22 PM):
In the mean time - hang in there. This struggle will come to an end. At some point they will do something with this currency. When that happens - you are positioned to enjoy the benefit.

and that is probably the most encouraging you have heard me in a while.

watchman42 says(8:22 PM):


BGG says(8:23 PM):

With that - I think we'll end early tonite. That is the best thing I can leave you with.

Mrs BGG says(8:23 PM):

Thank you'all for joining us tonight!!

Mrs BGG says(8:24 PM):

Thank you Okie Dinar for copying & editing!!

Mrs BGG says(8:24 PM):

Thank you BGG for the News Time!!

Mrs BGG says(8:24 PM):

Thank you to all the copiers, Mods, News Researchers & Facebook admins!!