Baghdad Council: lack of allocations behind the deterioration of the services of the capital

Journal News June 5, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

Baghdad's provincial council attributed Monday the weakness of the reality of services in the capital to the lack of financial allocations allocated to this sector.

A member of the Council, Thaer al-Bahadli, said in a statement to "The Journal News" that "many service sectors rely mainly on collection, including fines and professional fees, and irregularities in the financing of these institutions after the inability of the budget in 2015 to provide government units with funds, The current austerity of the country. "

He added: "There are many reasons that led to the failure to provide services in the best form in the capital, including cases of financial and administrative corruption in addition to the lack of follow-up, which led to cases of delays in the work of these institutions."

He stressed "the need for citizens to cooperate with the concerned parties, including his keenness to pay the bills and funds collected for the sake of permanence and continuity of services to him."

For the second year in a row, Baghdad ranked second in the world rankings for the best-selling countries for the year 2017, prepared by Mercer.