Iraq announces granting of loans to citizens of up to 50 million for construction purposes
Economy News _ Baghdad:
Last updated 04/06/2017
- 14:02
Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday, giving loans to citizens up to (50) fifty million dinars for construction purposes for those who owns a piece of land for a residential area less than (50 m 2).

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement, "Economy News", received the bank controls for the granting of loans to citizens for construction purposes and is to be a piece of land in his name on the face of independence or the name of common under modern version support provider support from the Land Registry Department competent noting that : the support includes the health of the issuance of the bond to be mortgaged first class in favor of the bank

The statement added, The loan term is 10 years, ie (120) months and the period of grace (3) months and an interest rate of 9% per annum