Experts affirm: central bank measures behind the decline in money laundering 06/04/2017

Baghdad / Zahraa Al-Jassem
The central bank revealed a recent decline in the money rampant seriously in recent years laundering operations, noting that, of the most important reasons that led to this, the training of bank personnel and the withdrawal of licenses a number of exchange companies, and international cooperation to curb money laundering, while experts say in economic affairs, that the agreements entered into by Iraq with international financial organizations as a fund cash and the World Bank, effectively contributed to the reduction of money laundering operations, and the legislation of funds and measures the central bank tightened laundering law, including on the window sell the currency, the added factors that led to control over my work S money laundering.
Economic expert Majid picture, pointed out in an interview (range), that all the measures taken have led to the decline and not eliminate the phenomenon of money laundering, and the measures taken by the Central Bank to close more than 100 companies for their cooperation in money smuggling, terrorism and money - laundering, achieved the positives too many at the level of decline in these operations, and said: the crackdown on the sale of the currency imposed by the central bank window was too many have contributed to reducing the money laundering process, which led to the control of the currency in the Iraqi market, where the US dollar dropped from 1300 to 1,200 dinars in addition to the Tight with regard to the monitoring of compliance, internal audit and capital and to stress the need to follow all the instructions and regulations issued by the Central Bank and make a basic criteria for entering the currency selling the whole window led to the adjustment in the market initially was not bad Bh.oitapa the picture saying: On the other hand procedures, the cooperation that took place between the central bank and other government agencies and international institutions, particularly the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank, all led to this result, there are agreements now exist to follow the movement of capital in agreement with various international bodies, especially since Britain Bafatt Recent Rh, expressed their cooperation with regard to the prosecution of money - laundering operation in Britain itself, adding: that the money laundering process can not be eliminated even in major countries, but can be controlled with the cooperation of all local and international bodies, and we in Iraq do not have today, stats minutes in the size of the sums of money - laundering operations.
Sees economic expert on behalf of Antoine, in an interview with (range), to money laundering , which was issued before the law and to activate the role of the Audit Department on the foreign exchange in the central bank and matching lists of incoming and emphasis Alkmarki and control of banking offices, it has curtailed the role in money laundering operations and halted part including, stressing that, if the censorship continues in this way with international coordination with the United States and the international Monetary Fund and the neighboring countries, there will be a large - scaled for this operation in Iraq.
Antoine continues noting: that money laundering and fraud in general operations in Iraq, were not in this way that the censorship was a list but weak, and the fear that the money laundering operations are in favor of terrorism and the financing of terrorist operations, so recently intensified controls to prevent this process in Iraq, indicating that, wash multi - money operations, including what would be through the introduction of drugs and the introduction of goods and commodities prices are not real to her, and get money from entering the irregular include prostitution and smuggling, drugs and graft from the sale of arms, with members selling sex trafficking, women and others, all this Its entry is irregular which are not subject to income tax are types of laundering Alomwal.okan central bank adviser Walid Idi, has between in a press statement that " the Iraqi Central Bank monitors extensively precautionary measures on combating money laundering file, and the financing of terrorism as a scourge must be combated, and there is broad international cooperation on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism in Iraq and the world level, adding that " the nature of the Iraqi regime, so we find that the volume of money laundering few compared with other countries, especially since the central bank in cooperation with the chock, trail the banking sector employees to fight g For money and the financing of terrorism, the fact that the banking sector is the biggest target of these operations. " He pointed at the conclusion of his speech, that the central bank to withdraw licenses exchange companies located in the areas of conflict, for fear of its operations for the financing of terrorists, which in turn cut the road in front of them.
The money laundering hot global topics, and working governments and security agencies , financial institutions, and banking in particular, to combat it , because it poses a serious threat to global peace and security, known as money laundering or money laundering economically as, " the transfer of funds resulting from the practice of non - activities the legitimacy of the funds has the appearance of a proper legal , especially in terms of sources, as legally defined as, "accepting deposits or funds derived from the work of illegal or criminal, and to hide their origin, or cover them up , or helping any person who is a principal actor or partner in that work drop results ful Anonah to do.