Bahr Uloum proposes to establish an energy technology fund

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It is not clear how the money allocated by the foreign oil companies contracted under the licensing contracts for training, development, scientific research and fellowships is being manipulated. A member of the parliamentary oil and energy committee, Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, proposes rationalizing this money through the establishment of the Energy Technology Fund in Iraq.

Article 26 of the licensing rounds requires each of these companies to allocate $ 5 million annually to the Ministry of Oil, with $ 1 million for gas fields, all for the purposes of training and development, scientific research and fellowships, and the number of companies now 13 companies.

In its proposal, Bahr Al-Ulum said, "In order to provide the infrastructure for scientific research, to support and develop research centers and to encourage them to find techniques in nanotechnology applications in the exploration, production, liquidation and pipeline operations and to improve production processes and oil derivatives, Energy technology in Iraq, to ​​be financed mainly from the granting of coalitions operating in the oil licensing rounds in accordance with item 26 and contribute to the support of our oil companies specialized specialized self-financing.

Bahr al-Ulum, a former minister at the Ministry of Oil, says the proposal to establish the fund should be linked to the Ministry of Oil and managed by a board of directors represented by the ministry and some of its important departments with ministries of higher education, scientific research, finance and planning, university professors from research centers, In licensing rounds.

Bahr al-Ulum confirmed that the aim of his project is to settle the idea of ​​energy technology in Iraq, especially that the new technologies and the quality of the oil industry are witnessing, confirms that Iraq needs to rationalize the money in this regard, especially that item 26 of licensing contracts indicates that there are five million Which can be guided and placed in a fund and added support from other resources and the policies and the board of directors are put in place to work on a regulatory basis to create a strategic vision for the coming years in the field of energy.

The Ministry of Oil expressed by the spokesman In her name Asim Jihad Tahra With the proposal confirmed: It supports and welcomes any initiative aimed at strengthening the scientific side in line with the developments in the oil sector.

Jihad, in an interview with Al-Mada, said that these proposals should be submitted to the ministry and a committee should be set up to study all legal, legislative, administrative and technical aspects and how to put in place appropriate mechanisms to implement them. The oil sector.

He pointed out that MP Bahr al-Ulum is not far from the oil sector because he was a former minister and today he is a member of the parliamentary oil and energy committee, so he knows that after studying the project in all its details and its implementation mechanisms, it can be evaluated on the ground after its implementation. The terms of contracts for licensing rounds contain two aspects.

The first is the amount called social benefits, which serve the nearby areas to develop the oil fields from the establishment of health complexes and other service facilities. , While one item refers to Activating the scientific aspect of the workers in the technical sector, including workshops, training and graduate studies.

A number of contracts are allocated for the development of this training and development aspect, and companies in turn have prepared developmental workshops inside and outside Iraq.

Jihad continues: "Bahr al-Ulum may mean through its proposal that a part of coordination with international companies be allocated to implement this proposal, especially if we respond to the success of such a proposal, there are other parties to consult with it, but in any case the proposal serves the oil industry and the ministry welcomes all that Which will contribute to the development of the oil sector and the development of its employees, whether through the establishment of such specialized scientific centers and the establishment of workshops and courses, because the development of workers and openness to modern global technology is reflected on the level of industry in the oil sector in Iraq.

On the other hand, Dhargham Mohammed Ali in an interview for "(extent): Where went the amounts of social benefits allocated in licensing rounds licenses, even today has no impact on the ground, at a time should be allocated all the amounts to develop the urban communities of those cities as being heavily affected by The presence of companies and their oil projects because they pollute the environment and cause multiple damage, including the establishment of hospitals, schools and facilities serving those areas such as water projects and sewage systems, and it is the responsibility of the companies themselves to train Iraqi workers in the oil sector outside these allocations, but were not only attempts to shed ash in the eyes, As saying Ali said: Within the contracts of licensing rounds, companies also have to train the workers in the oil sector and send them in courses and workshops outside Iraq to develop their skills in the field of oil work, especially that the amount of five million dollars if collected could constitute a large amount allocated for the establishment of larger And the best center for oil research at a high level with international equipment to train oil cadres.

Basra alone has four to five decades of licensing tours.