"Energy" parliamentary committee: the oil agreement between Kurdistan and Russia is illegal

Journal June 3, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

"The agreements that are concluded by the Kurdistan authorities with foreign companies are illegal," said a member of the Committee of "Oil and Energy" parliamentary, Zaher al-Abadi, saying: "Iraq owns a national oil marketing company (Somo) Russian is false. "

Abadi said in a statement to the «Journal News» that the Kurdish authorities "accustomed in previous years to bypass the federal government and still, through the agreements and the export of oil without reference to the center, which is contrary to the law and the Constitution," pointing out that the "oil and energy" In the Federal Parliament do not know anything about the new agreement between Moscow and Erbil.

MP Abadi, stressed that "the oil revenues obtained for the province, not distributed to citizens in Kurdistan, but go as quotas between influential political figures and this is why the crisis of salaries for employees in the region."

He continued: "The provincial government to export the oil allocated to it more than 750 thousand barrels per day and may reach one million barrels, not to mention the share of domestic consumption .." He pointed out that "this (the additional quantities) go to profit for foreign companies, and therefore a loss to Baghdad."

On the latest developments in the law of oil and gas, he replied: "The law will remain suspended during the current legislative session," noting that his committee "tried to break up the paragraphs of the law .. specifically those that can not be legislated during the next six months, especially since it has been disabled since nine years ago.

Russian oil giant Rosneft on Friday agreed with the Kurdistan government to explore and develop five fields in the region as the Russian company seeks to become a key player in one of the world's fastest growing oil regions.