Member of the Parliamentary Finance: Banks classification procedures do not relate to the Central Bank Law
[Where - Baghdad]
MP for the mass of the citizen and member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Rahim al - Daraji, on Thursday, that there are procedures and policies at the central bank called [rating banks] which have nothing to do with the law of the Central Bank and the Banking Law He added MP Darraji in a statement draws and all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that like so instructions when they issue away from the regulators and what only policy is far from the transparency and credibility he said, adding that these measures have caused problems that obstruct the march of the Iraqi economy which passes significant challenges and the Central Bank to be cautious and the closure of the administrative and financial corruption outlets which has become meaningless Msthari and taste in all state institutions He stressed out of concern for the reputation of the central bank institution and do not want to come under its policy to the loss of confidence and we hope rather than banks classification which means [nepotism and clientelism] they improve the banking sector and some of the banks that do not have any role at the level of Iraqi society whether to participate in the auction currency which is the effect of this auction resulted in significant traces of wasting public money