Revealed: Forces controlled 60% of Zanjili, 65% of Shifa in Mosul

Security forces controlled 60 percent of al-Zanjli district and 65 percent of al-Siha district in the right bank of Mosul in Nineveh governorate, a security source said on Friday.

The forces are approaching the main hospital in al-Shifa district after severe clashes between the Iraqi forces and ISIS terrorists in Old Mosul district.

Earlier, ISIS terrorists group launched an attack with six booby-trapped vehicles in which the Iraqi forces destroyed the vehicles before reaching their targets.

ISIS terrorists blocked all roads leading to the Old City, the source underlined.

Meanwhile, Iraqi and US-led coalition helicopters and F-16 jets shelled a number of ISIS positions and hotbeds in Zanjili, Shifa and the surrounding area of Great Mosque of al-Nuri to cover the advancement of the Iraqi forces.

Iraqi Forces launched a major offensive on 19th of February to retake the western part of Mosul after declaring total control of the eastern part of the city on 24th of January as part of the military operations to liberate the city that started on 17th of October 2016.