Moussaoui talks about "global war" launched on Maliki. . Are you still looking for a "third"?


Iraq / Baghdad
Abbas al-Moussawi, adviser to the leader of a coalition of state law, on Friday, that Nuri al-Maliki does not intend to run for another term, while there is a "global war" launched on him. Moussawi said that "Maliki will not run for prime minister and will be the first number on his list," adding that "is still a national leader despite the global war launched on him." He added that "alliances within a coalition of state law has not yet been determined and pending the resolution of the electoral law." He explained that "the rule of law is now working to draw the first lines of future alliances with other blocs on the draft of the political majority, including change and the National Union in the Kurdish side, and Salim Jubouri in the Sunni side." Moussawi touched on the achievements of the previous government, where he explained that "building the Basra Stadium is one of the achievements of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki," noting that "Abadi did not achieve tangible achievements contribute to the coming prime minister."