For the first time in Iraq. . The decision to ban the veil in Mosul enters into force.


The implementation of the decision by the security forces on banning the wearing of women's niqab in public places in the liberated areas of Mosul has begun. This is the first decision of its kind in Iraq, and was applied under the pretext of seeking to ensure security and to confront suicide attacks The police in the province of Nineveh that thanks to this ban will not be able to suicidal convoys in disguise disguised access to public places of the city In this regard, "The security forces have already begun to implement the decision, and prevented the exit of veiled women from their homes." He pointed out that "Tribal and religious parties tried to intervene to prevent the decision, because it touches the community Mosuli, but the leadership informed them that the decision issued by the higher authorities can not be tolerated."