Leading the popular crowd: Barzani conspires against the factions of the crowd and incites the Americans against us


The leader of the popular crowd Jawad Talibawi, on Thursday, the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani of the "consequences of inciting" US forces to target the fighters of the crowd on the front lines.

"After statements made by the Peshmerga leaders that they would cut off the chief editors of the land of Iraq, it became clear to every honorable Iraqi that Messaoud Barzani's conspiratorial role is against the popular mobilization factions," Talibawi said in a statement read by the news agency Nun.

"The Kurdish leaders know that men threaten and fight in the fields of war with their swords, and shame on men if threatened with other swords. Therefore, we warn Massoud Barzani and those who marched on their feet against provoking US forces to target our fighters on the front lines."

Talibawi stressed that "any cowardly shelling targeting our fighters will be a strong response inside and outside the fronts of the fighting and will pay all those who incited and the price is heavy and then will not find political solutions useful to the anger of the honorable people of the Iraqi people."