Central Bank announces the issuance of a new assessment of the banks operating in Iraq
Economy News Baghdad : Last updated 06/01/2017
- 19:05
Announced the bank 's central Iraq, Thursday, accomplished assessment periodic banks operating in Iraq than through its commitment to the law of the fight against laundering money and the rules of conversion external .
Said Director of the Office Media Bank Central Iraqi Acer Jabbar in a statement journalist received " Economy News " a copy of it, the Bank of the central Iraqi completed assessment periodic banks operating in the country from where the extent of its commitment to the law of the fight against laundering money and the rules and instructions of the conversion external that adopted by the Bank since 1 / 1 / 2017 according to the standards have been developed in consultation with the Office of the scrutiny of an international He added that the application of those standards led to stimulate large banks to create configurations and application of the rules of new as well as the use of the offices of an international specialist for the development of procedures for banks referring to it received the program that applied by the Bank 's central praise from institutions of financial international because achieved by the control of effective and transparent high in information the data which requires the banks provided to promote and document operations conversion
He pointed Jabbar to the Bank Central is reviewing periodically to re-evaluate the banks according to the indicators of compliance with standards has allowed the bank to banks by making observations on the degree of evaluation and consideration by the Committee of the highest levels in the bank and to correct any paragraph prove entitlement to the bank it
He added that the achievement of this work aimed at the development of a window selling currency on the basis and the rules of law and in accordance with the standards of minutes out of his role in strengthening the control and supervision , which is promised by the management of the bank in front of the Committee of Finance in the Council of Representatives before the implementation of the plan and which praised the role procedures new in this regard