Significant obstacles to the recovery of manufacturing industries in Iraq

Journal June 1, 2017

The manufacturing industries in Iraq suffer from great neglect, whether in government, private or even mixed sectors, which led the specialists to demand that the government attach importance to the vital sector and make it among the important sectors that can generate large financial imports to the country.

"The manufacturing industries in Iraq are almost negligently active in the government sector, while the private sector suffers from a stoppage of more than 70 percent," the industrial expert and former head of the Iraqi Federation of Industries, Hashim al-Atrakji, told the Journal News on Thursday.

He added that "there are many obstacles prevented the return of manufacturing industries in Iraq, as in the past, including the security situation, which cast a shadow over the entire joints of life in Iraq, in addition to the financial crisis suffocating the country and accompanied by austerity in the disbursement of funds allocated to projects.

He stressed that "the security situation in some Iraqi provinces has made it difficult to obtain raw materials entering the manufacturing industry, including the desert of Anbar, which is currently controlled by terrorist organizations, where in the past the sand is invested in the extraction of glass.

He called for the support of the Iraqi private sector, which has suffered neglect for more than twenty years, as 90 percent of Iraqi industries have stopped working and production since 1986 at a time when Iraq depends on domestic industrial production by more than 85 percent.

One of the main obstacles facing these industries in the Arab world is the absence of incentives, weak institutional environment, disruption of the role of the private sector, low efficiency of university education, vocational education,