Water resources deny US report on cracks in Mosul Dam
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Thread: Water resources deny US report on cracks in Mosul Dam

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    Water resources deny US report on cracks in Mosul Dam

    Water resources deny US report on cracks in Mosul Dam

    Journal May 31, 2017

    Baghdad - Journal News
    The Ministry of Water Resources denied on Wednesday a report by the USA Todi newspaper about a crack in the Mosul dam, up to 370 feet, saying it was "facing devastating damage unless it undergoes immediate repairs."

    "This is not true," said Mehdi Rasheed, director general of water dams, in an interview with the Journal News. "This situation has not been proven in the dam because the US engineering team is in constant contact with us. the health".

    On the other hand, MP for the province of Nineveh Haneen Qaddo in an interview with the «Journal News» that "there are certain parties are trying to stir confusion and fear between the people of Nineveh province and Iraq in general, especially as the liberalization is nearing completion after a major defeat of the terrorist organization, which may have been Receives support from some quarters, including the United States of America. "

    "This is part of propaganda aimed at creating confusion among Iraqis, as well as distracting the armed forces from their basic objective and intimidating them with the collapse of the dam," Qado said.

    In a report published by the USA Today newspaper, a crack in one part of the 370-foot-high dam could put the lives of 4 million people at risk by sending floodwaters to more than 200 miles downstream towards the capital Baghdad, swallowing villages, Fields, causing economic damage of up to $ 20 billion, according to estimates of the Army Corps of Engineers.

    The Iraqi government has postponed a decision on renewing the contract with an Italian engineering company managed by the Engineers Corps, when the old contract ends this year. The government may try to implement the reforms required to plug itself; to save expenditures at a time when it feels pressured by the cost of a war against a terrorist organization.

    "The Iraqi government is very optimistic about the level of reforms needed for the dam, so the contract will not be renewed," said Todd Todd Simonet, commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers, who said the time was running out for the government while considering the decision. Pointing out that he expects to take another two months, and in the end we can also get a decision or not.

    "The danger posed by the dam is still very high," said one official responsible for the security of the dam at the Engineers' Corps.

    The paper quoted an analyst as saying that the Iraqi government is facing deep political divisions that in turn postpone important decisions, in addition to the financial crisis, which further hinders decision-making.

    The current contract with Trevi Group is worth $ 300 million, part of which is financed by the World Bank and other loans. The dam will require at least another year of intensive work before it becomes stable, according to US Army Corps of Engineers estimates.

    Construction of the dam, which provides irrigation and hydropower to Iraq, was completed under Saddam Hussein's regime in 1985.

    Although the dam is constructed correctly, it is built on a soluble basis of water. Since its construction, workers have drilled holes and poured plaster (a mixture of water, cement and mud) into these openings to strengthen the foundation of the dam. But dam maintenance has declined in recent years, raising fears of massive default.


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    Re: Water resources deny US report on cracks in Mosul Dam

    This is from yesterday 5/31 but helps explain the dam situation.

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