Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi received in his office Wednesday the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masoum.

During the meeting, they discussed the military operations, victories achieved by our heroic forces in Mosul, and stressed the importance of sustaining the momentum of victories with the near liberation of Mosul and the declaration of victory over terrorist gangs.

They also discussed the security situation and the plans to maintain the security of the citizens, where terrorist gangs are taking the defeats in the battle to terrorist bombings against citizens.

Their sovereignty also discussed plans and procedures through which terrorist attacks will be hit and eliminated.

The meeting stressed the importance of unity of speech and class in order to build the country and serve the citizens and the need to stay away from everything that would harm the interests of the country.

It also stressed the commitment to the constitutional timing of the elections and the preparation of all the requirements for its conduct, which was done by the executive branch.

The foreign policy of Iraq, which depends on openness to the international community and the region according to mutual interests, and the great successes achieved in bringing Iraq back to the forefront and influencing the region and the world, was also discussed.