Economic "warns" the Central Bank

Wednesday 31 May 2017 | 03:16 pm
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BAGHDAD / The Economic Committee warned the parliamentary on Wednesday, the central bank to continue its policy classification of banks to varying degrees to participate in the window auction currency, calling him to commit to neutrality and non-discrimination between banks.

"The Central Bank's policy is one of the reasons for the corruption of its employees because it did not comply with the law that provides for equality and non-discrimination between one bank and another," the committee said in a statement. Dealing with Iraqi banks. "

"The central bank must move away from its present in the Central Bank of conflicts of interest and prevailed in the moods and the tendency to reward the party and punish another party without a professional and legal standard," adding that "manipulation of the implementation of the policy of the Central Bank through individual desires not based on economic grounds A risk that could bring risks to the economy of Iraq, which is undergoing great challenges under the exceptional circumstances experienced by Iraqis. "

The committee called on the Central Bank's administration to "close the doors encouraging corruption by some employees of the Central Bank," indicating that "the opposite will expose the reputation of this ancient institution to danger and lose confidence, which will negatively affect the overall monetary situation in the country, Value of the national currency ".

The parliament's economic committee called on the central bank to "abide by neutrality and non-discrimination between banks and deal equally in the window of currency sale and the abolition of the policy of classification based on discretionary calculations to avoid our resort to questioning and questioning under the parliament."