Governor of Baghdad is discussing with a Swiss company the establishment of waste recycling project capital

Date 31/05/2017 - 19:05

Economy News _ Baghdad:

Baghdad Governor Atwan al-Atwani on Wednesday discussed with a delegation of a Swiss company involved in waste recycling projects the implementation of a similar project in the province.

The press office of the governor said in a statement that "Al-Atwani discussed with a delegation of one of the Swiss companies concerned with waste recycling projects, that the province is keen to adopt such projects and is a pioneer in inviting international companies competent to work in the province of Baghdad, Adding that "the province is ready to provide infrastructure and provide various facilities and legal and administrative procedures for the transfer and implementation of investment projects in this area."

He added that "the local government encourages international investment companies to work in the province and provide all the necessary support for the implementation of these projects, which benefit the province and its citizens."

The secretariat of Baghdad, had contracted earlier with a Turkish company to clean up 30% of the capital Baghdad for 31 billion dinars, but the contract did not last long, the return of waste to the streets, especially in commercial areas.

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