The industry opens the production line of medium pressure equipment in support of the private sector

Date 31/05/2017 - 18:54

Economy News _ Baghdad:

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Wednesday the opening of assembly and production of medium pressure equipment in the company of engineering for electrical industries, stressing its keenness to support the private sector, public and mixed.

The ministry said in a statement received by "Economy News" a copy of it, "the Minister of Industry / Agency Mohamed Shi'a Sudanese assembly line and production of medium pressure equipment in the company of engineering for electrical industries, a private sector companies," noting that "the first gesture of its kind and within the direction of the government and the ministry To sponsor, support and encourage the private sector. "

She added that "the line is one of the advanced production lines of high technology working in the French specification of the company Schneider, to produce medium pressure equipment used in the terminals and the outer rooms at airports and subway and electric loads in buildings, in addition to the mills," adding that " This project is the nucleus of a large multi-purpose project that these products have the potential to be used in various functions and features and produces this equipment within the specifications approved by the Ministry of Electricity and it contains an inert gas that prevents the spark electrical and prolong its life.

"The opening of the production line came at the invitation of the Engineering Company for Electrical Industries and within the direction of the government to support the private sector," he said, adding that it represents a message to the government's willingness to provide all possible means to encourage the private industrial sector.

He pointed out that "the company adopted the latest technologies through cooperation and partnership with the French company Schneider specialized," noting that "the company's products from the stations of the fund and low pressure stations and medium and electric panels and electronic specializes in the delivery of the distribution sector of electric power to contribute to the improvement of the electrical system.

"The technology used in this production line is the only one of its kind in Iraq and neighboring countries, which requires the search for outlets for the export of these products and these are within the functions of the government to provide all climates and outlets for the export of such products."

He stressed that "the commitment of government ministries and institutions to purchase these products will have a significant role to encourage the national industry in addition to the application of the law of the protection of local product as a real guarantee and important for these products," noting that "this project will achieve good financial returns for the company and its employees and will provide opportunities New business after marketing its products. "

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