Keywords: Prepare a plan for the rehabilitation of the central bank branch in Mosul

Views Date 31/05/2017 - 18:41

Economy News _ Baghdad:

Iraq's central bank governor Ali al-Alaq on Wednesday prepared a plan to rehabilitate his branch in the province of Nineveh after the terrorist organization "Da'ash" caused great damage to it and stole its contents.

Al-Aalak said in an interview with the Economist News that gangs that have encouraged crime have caused great damage to the bank's branch in Mosul, especially since it is located on the right side of the city and was liberated by the armed forces.

He added that "gangs before carrying out sabotage operations in the building was to steal the contents of the time, which consists of treasures estimated at 500 billion Iraqi dinars and 80 million dollars."

"The central bank has prepared a plan to rebuild the branch once the security situation stabilizes. Once a signal is received that the situation is safe for the bank to play its role, we have a priority that the central bank should return to work in providing services to banks and exchange and transfer companies," he said.

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