Abadi announce privatization of Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday announced that Iraq is heading to privatization of the Iraqi Airways.

Economists told The Baghdad Post that the decision signals a plot made by the government to sell the National Air Lines for the private sector.

Successive Transport Ministers like Hadi Al-Amiri and Kazem Finjan have planned for privatization of the firm. They plotted to come up with the ban imposed by EU on Iraqi aviation, sources said.

All measures that were taken by Minister Kazem Finjan paved the way for this decision, the sources added, noting that breaking the international aviation laws, promoting copilots to be captains without the required training and all irrational decisions were just to spell the end of Iraqi Airways.

Even courses of the new pilots were postponed and intended to be canceled.

Sources said that Iranian proxies working in the National Airlines are behind robberies and appointing non-competent staff in order to fail it. It's expected that a group of wealthy people will control the company and sack all the staffers.

Iraqi Airways have international franchises to transport goods and passengers. These franchises granted to the company, are mainly the rights of Iraqi people, experts said noting that investors are aiming to exploit those franchises for their personal interest to make huge gains.