With the map and the pictures .. The connector is free from calling within 72 hours.

May 29,2017

A military operation was launched to liberate the last city of Mosul, a newspaper said on Sunday, with the announcement of the city of Mosul free of elements of "da'ash" criminal within the next 72 hours.
The sources said: "The process of liberating the last neighborhoods of Mosul began at 5 am from the northern axis where the neighborhood is located, and the forces of the anti-terrorism forces succeeded in clearing 30 percent of it."
The sources said the government "a plan provides for the siege of the raging in these neighborhoods where the forces will meet from all the axis of the attack," and quoted a field commander as saying that "the discount will be within 72 hours, and Mosul will be declared a free city of a supporter."
The information comes in conjunction with the publication of the Media Information Center, on Sunday, an illustration of the last remaining sites in the Ayman Ayyub Mosul.
"Three living quarters - the old Shifa, Zanjili and Mosul - are being fought, and the last sites are on the right side of Mosul," it said.
The security forces, in conjunction with Air Force and Air Force, are engaged in military operations to eliminate the remaining criminal elements in the city.
A security source in the province of Nineveh reported on Sunday that two of the "Da'sh" criminals surrendered themselves to the military units in the Zanjili neighborhood in central Mosul.
The source said: "The two elements Bdash of the residents of the city of Mosul and called for their joining the Daash under the force of arms," ​​noting that "the security forces transferred to one of the military headquarters to investigate them."
The source, who preferred not to be named, said that "the security forces advanced significantly in the Zinjili neighborhood in the right coast of Mosul, amid the large escape of the elements of criminal gangs."