The judiciary calls on the House of Representatives to lift the immunity of 16 of its members


Baghdad / Mohamed Sabah

The term gets a list of names of parliamentarians threatened to cancel their membership

A parliamentary source revealed yesterday (Friday) a list of 16 deputies demanding that the judiciary lift their immunity for the existence of lawsuits on charges of libel, insult and defamation, some of them are wanted on charges of wasting public money and terrorism. The list consists of 12 Shiite deputies and 4 deputies a year, as some parliamentarians face more than a lawsuit.

And the best speaker of parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, the deputies wanted between resolving the forms with the judiciary or else offer to lift immunity before the House of Representatives after the Eid holiday.

Jubouri had revealed, in Thursday's session, the receipt of 24 requests from the Supreme Judicial Council to lift immunity from a number of deputies.

Article 20 (2) of the rules of procedure states that "a member may not be arrested during the term of the legislative term unless he is accused of a felony, and with the absolute consent of the members to lift his immunity or if he is caught committing the crime of a crime."

Article 20 (III) states that "a member may not be arrested outside the term of the legislative term unless he is accused of a felony, and with the consent of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies to lift his immunity or if he is caught committing a felony."

At the end of last year, the committee to lift parliamentary immunity announced that it had received 16 applications, noting only one of these requests met the legal requirements. The Commission suggested there was a "political targeting" behind that request.

At the beginning of Thursday's session, the council chairman announced
Received 24 requests from the Supreme Judicial Council to lift the immunity of a number of deputies. "The applicant will be informed of the legal material contained in the requests, as well as the notice of those who have been called to review the judiciary to resolve the files. The Council will have the option after the end of the holiday to lift the immunity of any person required."

A senior deputy in the state of law revealed that "the House of Representatives recognizes a list of the Supreme Judicial Council calls for lifting the immunity of (16) deputies after charges against them related to cases of misdemeanors and crimes," stressing that "the deputies required for the judiciary are divided between 12 deputies of the Shiite component and 4 deputies year "He said.

The MP, who spoke to the (range), asking not to be identified, said that "the list is free of the name of any Kurdish or Christian or Turkmen or Izidi," noting that "the speaker of the best of these deputies between confronting the judiciary or lifting immunity by offering Subject to the parliament after the Eid holiday. "

According to the informed parliamentary source, "The list included Fayeq Sheikh Ali, who is facing a charge according to Article 433 of the Penal Code, Muhammad al-Tai under article 320 of the Penal Code, Mahmoud al-Masoudi under Article 430, ), And Mohammed Karbouli under Article (434), as well as deputies Talib Abdul Wahid Dhiab, and Mishan Jubouri, and Hanan al-Fatlawi.

The source declined to reveal the names of the other deputies required to lift their immunity, nor the charges against them.

A member of the State of Law bloc that "the number of lawsuits filed against these 16 deputies reach 24 cases based on the articles (320,430,432,433,434,331) of the Iraqi Penal Code," pointing to the existence of more than one lawsuit suing some Deputies.
The provisions of these articles relate to offenses of slander and defamation, theft and waste of public money.

The presidency of the House of Representatives is covered by the details of the report, prepared by the Committee to lift parliamentary immunity five months ago, which includes a list of parliamentarians wanted for the judiciary.

In the same context, MP Mahmoud Reza Amin, a member of the Committee to lift parliamentary immunity, said that "these requests are old and most of them cases of misdemeanors and three of them are crimes of terrorism," revealing the existence of a parliamentary decision froze the work of the Committee to lift immunity three months ago because of the completion of its president, The Lewis of the Conductor Wars.

The House voted in August last year to recommend the Parliamentary Affairs Committee to form a mini committee to review and study the files submitted by the Iraqi judiciary to lift the immunity of some MPs in preparation for their appearance before the courts.

The parliamentary immunity committee consists of 6 members, including the head of parliamentary affairs committee MP Abdel Rahman al-Loizi as president, Abbas al-Bayati, Alla Talabani, Mahmoud Reza, Adnan al-Janabi and Salah al-Jubouri.

The MP Reza Amin, said in a statement to (range), that "the Committee to lift parliamentary immunity submitted its report to the presidency of the parliament more than three months after reviewing the twenty applications by the judiciary," revealing "the existence of three or four requests were not considered by the Committee after freezing "He said.

The deputies' absence was a big part of the session Thursday, as the speaker of the parliament that "the Council will submit an inventory of the names of MPs whose absence exceeded the legal limit without a legitimate excuse," declaring that "MP Mohammad Mashi al-Tai is an article because of his absence and the issuance of a judicial verdict on him, "The existence of a number of files of deputies in the process of checking on their absence."

Jubouri said that "the presidency of the Council will adopt in the next legislative term a new mechanism for the attendance of deputies to the meetings through the cancellation of all licenses granted and limited to eight sessions and if the absences exceeded one third of the sessions will be activated by the rules of procedure to terminate the membership," noting that "a team of staff of the Council will start recording Attendance of deputies in the session depending on the actual attendance and cameras without granting subsequent vacations. "

In addition, the Speaker of the Parliament read a parliamentary decision "to deprive MP Awatif Ne'ma from attending the sessions of the Council and to write off all her interventions and to record absenteeism in all the meetings. All the effects are absent as an excuse."