Trade shows why food prices are rising in the market

Journal May 27, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The Director General of "Commercial Control" in the Ministry of Commerce Hussein Farhan high prices of food in the market to the absence of law and the lack of accountability manipulators market prices.

Farhan said in a statement to the «Journal News», Saturday, that "the law No. (1) for the year (80), which regulates the work of the regulatory body in the Ministry of Commerce put a price on the materials and therefore these goods and products in the light of supply and demand," pointing out that " Trade is deliberately providing food, which is often the focus of high prices. "

Farhan said that "the provision of foodstuffs (such as oil, flour, rice and oil) is keeping the prices high, in line with the citizen's demand for legumes, drinks, milk, dates, rice, flour and oil."