The 1.3 million cards issued by Al Araji confirmed the opening of the National Card Center in Al Mansour

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Date Posted 25/05/2017 10:53 AM

Baghdad / Mashreq Follow-up:

Minister of Interior Qassim al-Araji opened on Wednesday the project of the National Card Center of the Directorate of Civil Status, Passports and Residency in Al-Mansour district, west of Baghdad. Al-Araji stressed in his speech the opening of the center according to a statement of the ministry, the ministry's keenness to shift towards the national card for short of effort and money. He pointed out that «the ministry and after granting more than one million and 300 national cards is still ambitious to open other centers to cover the whole of Iraq».

He added that «the Ministry of Interior will be the first ministry in the inclusion of all officers and associates and employees of this card and the completion of the Ministry of the sons to take advantage of the national card will be transition to other ministries».

"The ministry has managed to archive 50 percent of the civil records and Mazat is suffering from completion of the other part because of the areas that are still in the process of liberation, but we strive to complete its records and return the people and restore infrastructure and complete all procedures to benefit from the national card project.

The Minister of the Interior pointed out that «the great hopes in issuing passport and visa and the establishment of the same procedures issued by the national card in an electronic form and thus get rid of many of the means of corruption exploited by the weak souls in this area to benefit from technology reduces the many elements of corruption and tributaries, Supervisors and directors of other departments in the fight against corruption to eliminate it ».