Iraq is preparing to launch a second round of Treasury bonds

Number of views 499 Date 25/05/2017 - 19:07

Economy News _ Baghdad:

Central Bank Governor Ali al-Alak announced on Thursday that the bank is ready to offer the second batch of treasury bonds by one billion dollars to international banks.

"Bonds that were guaranteed by the US government were floated and sold for $ 1 billion. This guarantee helped cut the interest rate to about 2 percent or slightly more," Alaq said in a news interview.

Al-Alak added that "Iraq has an intention to raise another billion, and this goal from the beginning and according to the budget law to raise $ 2 billion, so as not to be high interest costs guaranteed the United States billion dollars to be the other billion market interest combined with other interest, "This is helping to reduce interest rates," he said, adding that "preparations are being made for the issuance of these bonds to international banks."

He stressed the "absence of any conditions or dictations on Iraq by the IMF and the World Bank on the issue of loans," noting at the same time that "the reserves of hard currency comfortable and reassuring in accordance with international standards."

He pointed to the "Iraq's success in moving to the rank of follow-up member according to the international classification of international financial transactions after he was threatened years ago on the black list."


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