Hakim: Partnership governments are no longer viable and we need the majority

2017/05/24 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 132 - Number (3931)

Baghdad / Range

President of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, yesterday, his call to go towards the option of national majority in the next phase, stressing that the Committee of Experts is in the selection of 9 members of the Electoral Commission, expected to finish this matter next month.

"The National Alliance is working hard to form a new electoral commission and give a new commission a chance to remove any political and popular fears, and the alliance is serious in this direction," Hakim told a news conference following a meeting of a coalition delegation with the local Baghdad government.

"The committee of experts is making progress by selecting the commissioners," the head of the National Alliance said. "Now the committee is focusing on choosing 9 of them and we hope that it will end its work next month."

Hakim said that "there is a trend to provide blood and new faces and go to lists of political cross-sectarian and a national majority of different components in power as well as in the opposition, and the corporate governments have tried previously and was necessary at a certain stage, but today we need a new experience in the management of the state."

He added that the president of the National Alliance, "We believe that the settlement is intended among the Iraqis inside Iraq, and the right to hold settlement conferences inside Iraq with ideas and outputs and implementation of Iraq, while external compromises, they achieve the interests of those countries before the interests of Iraqis and this vision of the National Alliance for the settlement.

"We are with any summit that brings benefits to the Muslim and Arab peoples, but they must include everyone in order to put together a unified vision for solving problems," Hakim said, reiterating his call for a regional summit involving Iran.

The president of the National Alliance expressed his surprise at "dealing with the Iraqi president at the summit in terms of receiving and delivering the word of Iraq and not to consult with the president in the summit files."

Hakim, in another part of his conference, on the "need to extend the work of provincial councils in accordance with the law of elections and integration with the parliamentary elections to save money and effort."

"We stressed during the meeting on the need to end the armed manifestations in Baghdad and restore the civilian character of the capital by reducing controls and develop security performance and activating the intelligence effort and the face of gangs of kidnapping and coup and organized crime and beaten with an iron fist."