After executing its fleeing members, ISIS caliphate in shambles

Schism upon ISIS local and foreign ranks in the right bank of Mosul was sparked after foreign terrorists executed three local suicide bombers over not properly carrying out their duties as suicide attackers, local sources told The Baghdad Post on Tuesday.

ISIS foreign terrorists are currently threatening the besieged civilians in Mosul and even their fellow local terrorists, as they are constantly on the move, taking human shields in the depth of the Old City of Mosul as they are getting defeated by Iraqi forces.

After realizing that their fate is uncertain, foreign militants are becoming more aggressive as they execute civilians and fleeing local terrorists and carry out suicide bombings in residential areas while hiding in these areas.

ISIS also has executed seven of its top leaders in Mosul upon their attempt to escape Mosul battles in al-Mekkawy and al-Shefaa districts, this indicates that ISIS' command is very fragile and near its end, civil rights activist Lukman Omar al-Taei told The Baghdad Post.

This comes as the operations launched on 19th of February by US-backed Iraq forces supported by Iranian-backed sectarian IMIS Shiite militias to recapture Mosul from ISIS terrorists are nearing their end.

Experts assert that few ISIS terrorists are currently remaining in Mosul and are predicted to put a tough fight as they are defending what was their major stronghold in Iraq.